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Malini Jaganathan Helps Ease Real Estate Anxiety

Malini Jaganathan
Malini Jaganathan

Malini Jaganathan spent 15 years entrenched in the technology industry early in her career. She used her master’s degree in computer applications to start—and run—a successful business.

However, as the years went by, corporate projects were not fulfilling anymore. She felt like she hit a saturation point and needed to find her true purpose and calling. “I have always loved problem-solving. I figured discovering solutions for everyday individuals brings greater fulfillment than engineering intricate corporate systems. I like to be with people and help people,” she said. “That’s what entices me the most.”

That realization led her to a career in real estate. After doing her due diligence, Jaganathan took a leap into the unknown. She left her tech career behind and went all-in on serving buyers and sellers in search of the right real estate agent. “I honestly think it was a calling for me. I have no logical reason why I would jump from tech into real estate. But after I started, it checked off everything that would give me fulfillment. I feel energized when helping families.”

Jaganathan described her career shift as more of a passion than a job. Gone are her Monday blues. Now, she looks forward to helping her clients relieve the typical anxiety that comes with buying or selling a home. The best part is, with all the new technology available to assist real estate agents in serving their clients, Jaganathan can use the technology education and project management skills from her former career to navigate the complex contracts and processes involved in the real estate process. “That’s how I got started, and there’s been no looking back,” she said. “It’s been profoundly fulfilling to help people achieve their dreams through homeownership or selling and moving forward with their next phase.”

Tackling the common anxieties of buyers and sellers

Malini Jaganathan
Malini Jaganathan

Buying or selling a home is a huge financial and life decision. Apprehension over making the right decisions at every step of the process runs high. “The unknown is a shared anxiety among buyers and sellers,” said Jaganathan. “Real estate transactions are structured, layered and very complex with a sale or purchase because of the many moving parts. I tackle so many issues that can leave buyers and sellers sleepless.”

Besides a fear of the unknown, sellers worry about the current market conditions and pricing their homes right to entice buyers. They also stress over the best methods for marketing the property to attract the maximum number of buyers and knowing how long to wait before expecting to get an offer. Other anxieties include what to include in a seller’s contract and how to proceed with a smooth closing. Buyers have different concerns. They agonize over setting a budget, choosing which areas to target in their search and how to make an offer without overpaying. They have additional worries about navigating through inspections, getting approval for a mortgage, and having a smooth closing. “There’s also the worry of what happens after closing if there’s an issue with the home,” said Jaganathan. Continuing education is the key to setting up buyers and sellers for success, even if they don’t immediately get what they want, Jaganathan said. “Not everything is in our control 100 percent of the time. Having a plan A, a plan B, and even a plan C is key to achieving success.”

She focuses on giving her clients the best version of herself, which means she spends countless hours engaged in updating her skills. “If there’s something I don’t know, I find out how to help and point my clients in the right direction,” Jaganathan said. The dedication has paid off, as Jaganathan has been the Howard Hanna Wexford office’s top producer for three years in a row.

Something she keeps in mind when working with buyers and sellers is there may be things going on in their lives behind the scenes that can affect the process. “I’m a very observant person, and I make the effort to stay calm and helpful always, keeping in mind that I may not know all the facts affecting someone’s decisions.”

The Howard Hanna advantage

When Jaganathan started her journey as a real estate agent, she was meticulous about choosing the right real estate broker with which to partner. She had a set of criteria she wanted met before signing on with a broker that included training, continuing education opportunities, access to the right tools and technology and mentorship. “Being a family-owned company, [Howard Hanna’s] management is very compassionate and kind,” she said. “They’re always training us with the newest tools and showing us how to leverage them effectively.”

Malini Jaganathan

One of the exclusive Howard Hanna tools Jaganathan finds beneficial for her buyer and seller clients is Zillow’s Listing Showcase®. When she lists a seller’s property, it’s prioritized through Zillow when it shows homes to prospective buyers in the selected area. Showcase listings combine interactive media such as high-resolution photography and AI-powered interactive virtual tours with powerful exposure to wow potential buyers and impress sellers. “It maximizes the number of viewers on each property, which is a huge benefit to sellers,” she said. “The first impression is the best impression, and that starts with your marketing out to the world.”

Visit to discuss your home buying and selling goals with Malini Jaganathan today.

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