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Delta 9 PA is a small, locally owned medical marijuana dispensary that aims to help its patients achieve their wellness goals. Delta 9 PA was initially called Keystone Integrated Care, but recently rebranded to stand out among the many larger operations in the state. The company’s flagship store was built in Greensburg in 2018, followed by a second location in Lawrenceville in October 2019.

Patient care is at the forefront of Delta 9’s mission, and its staff aims to offer a phenomenal experience each time someone walks through the door. They help treat a wide variety of ailments such as PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, cancer, insomnia and more, and work with 19 different growers across the state to provide patients with access to a variety of products.


The staff is patient-focused and is always considering how specific products will work for each person. Many of the pharmacists and patient care consultants have worked at other dispensaries and are also patients themselves, so they have a wide knowledge of their products and what will be most beneficial for each client. 


“We want to make sure that everyone is feeling comfortable and confident in their medical marijuana journey, and are feeling like they're part of the Delta 9 PA family,” said Kaveise Cadogan, Delta 9’s marketing manager and patient care consultant.


Feeling like a family is important at Delta 9. A majority of its investors are from western Pennsylvania and they’re all friends and family of the two CEOs, according to Donna Bookwalter, co-owner and director of operations.


Compared to many other dispensaries in the state, Delta 9 PA is on the smaller side. This allows a more collaborative atmosphere and enables the employees to learn from one another, said Cadogan. Despite being a smaller company, a majority of the leadership roles are held by women in the company and more than half of their employees are women. 


This modest size also allows the employees the opportunity to be more personable with their patients and to get to know them better. There is no corporate feeling when you walk through Delta 9’s doors. The patients become like family. 


“The good thing about being involved in the medical marijuana industry has been being able to see patients’ lives change. We give people back the lives they used to have prior to their conditions or injuries. We love seeing that transformation,” said Cadogan.


Currently, Delta 9 PA is one of the only dispensaries in the city offering curbside pickup and an online reservation system for its disabled, immunocompromised, and elderly patients.  In addition, they offer a number of discounts for veterans, seniors, pediatric patients, public safety officers, first responders, and new patients. The company is planning to open a third location, most likely in Butler County, within a year.