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Tickets for Kids Promotes Inclusion, Opportunities for At-risk Youth

Thanks to Tickets for Kids Charities and its supporters, tens of thousands of local children have been able to enjoy cultural, sports and other experiences that may not have been accessible to them otherwise. We spoke with Executive Director Jason Riley about the concept behind this nonprofit, which started in Pittsburgh in 1994 and eventually merged with several other like-minded organizations. Pittsburgh remains its headquarters and the market with the greatest impact. The nonprofit is working to bridge the gap so that there is more equitable access for at-risk children to all the cool events and activities that Pittsburgh has to offer.

North Hills Monthly (NHM): What is the concept behind Tickets for Kids?

Jason Riley (Riley): To make sure that low income and at-risk kids have access to the inspiration, the education, the sense of inclusion, that takes place inside ticketed venues and events—everything from theater, museums, science centers, ballparks, and family entertainment venues. We acquire donated tickets and place them through a network of youth-service nonprofit partners, all of whom are working with a vulnerable population of children who may not have access to these opportunities.