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The Gift That Keeps On Giving: How Your Monthly Gift Makes a Difference

By Cody Hoellerman, Chief Community Engagement Officer

Take a minute to think about some of the charges that appear on your credit card statement each month. A streaming service (or two, or three) to watch your favorite shows and movies, your daily cup of coffee, even that box that arrives like clockwork at your door filled with clothing, health or beauty products, dinner ingredients or other items that brighten your day.

The list of these recurring fees goes on and on…

But what if you had a monthly charge on your card that you knew was having a tremendous impact right here in our community?

A monthly gift to Animal Friends can make a world of difference in the lives of companion animals who have been abused, neglected, abandoned or who simply have nowhere else to turn. Each and every day, our mission is to provide safety nets and lifesaving second chances. But we can’t continue this life-changing work without your support.

Much like those recurring charges on your bank statement, you can set up a monthly gift that will be automatically donated to support lifesaving programs, services and resources all year long.

And just a few dollars each month can add up to make your impact even greater!

  • $5/month becomes $60/year and can provide lifesaving vaccines and a microchip to a homeless animal admitted into our care.

  • $10/month becomes $120/year and can underwrite the tuition for training classes to help a struggling pet owner learn to manage behavioral challenges.

  • $25/month becomes $300/year and can support our Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank pantry partners by providing a delivery of free, nutritious food to feed hungry pets.

  • $50/month becomes $600/year and can cover the cost of 10 spay/neuter surgeries to humanely reduce pet overpopulation in our region.

  • $100/month becomes $1,200/year and can provide a lifesaving surgery to an animal rescued by our Humane Investigations team.

Of every dollar donated to Animal Friends, 83 cents directly supports the programs, services and resources we provide for the pets and people of our community. Animal Friends has been awarded a four-star rating by Charity Navigator for 12 consecutive years—recognizing that Animal Friends makes the best, most responsible use of our donors’ gifts.

By becoming a monthly donor, you will be taking your commitment to our animal friends to the next level. Each month when you see your donation, you will know that your gift is being put to use to make the greatest impact possible.

Simply put, your support saves lives. Please give generously at

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