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Restaurant of the Month: Mitch’s BBQ

Mitch’s BBQ Serves Up Classics, as well as Creative Twists

Mitch’s BBQ, located in Warrendale, has been a staple in Pittsburgh’s barbecue scene since 1992. This family-run joint serves up barbecue classics like ribs and brisket, and sides such as mac-and-cheese and potato salad. Their menu has some surprises that you wouldn’t typically find at a barbecue restaurant, including brisket bao buns, ramen and kimchi.

Mitch’s menu is large and extremely daunting, and you can become overwhelmed by all of the options. I wanted to order one of everything, but I knew my stomach wouldn’t be able to handle it. My friend and I opted to try a variety of things to share, which is definitely the way to go.

A must-have when you visit Mitch’s are the pork belly bao buns. Bao buns are incredibly fluffy and can be filled with almost anything from crispy cauliflower to fried chicken, and the pork belly was incredibly tender and melted in my mouth. The marinade added a sweet note, while the smoker brought in the savory flavors that paired perfectly with the pickles on top.

One of Mitch’s most beloved dishes is the brisket sandwich, which is smoked to perfection and then served on a chewy potato bun. Even without any sauce, the meat was incredibly juicy. This doesn’t mean you should skimp on the sauce, though! Mitch’s has a variety of homemade sauces including buffalo, BBQ, and Texas Red, each of which have their own flavor profiles. The brisket sandwich comes with one side and we opted for the mac-and-cheese, as it’s a must when enjoying barbecue. While this side can sometimes be bland, Mitch’s was extremely flavorful while also being decadently creamy.

We also tried the Mexican street corn, sweet potato corn bread, and coleslaw. Mexican street corn isn’t something you would normally see as a side at a barbecue restaurant, but it paired nicely with the meat. The corn was fresh and the jalapeño crema on top added the perfect amount of heat. The sweet potato cornbread was an interesting twist on a classic. The sweetness of the cornbread complemented the other spicy and savory dishes at our table. While there was nothing different about the coleslaw, it was crunchy and creamy. It is truly one of my favorite classic barbecue sides.

Mitch’s makes their own ice cream, so this is another must-try. They have a variety of flavors that rotate quite often, including Oreo and Nutella. Right now, they have an apple ice cream that is the perfect treat for fall.

Mitch’s BBQ has some of the best barbecue in Pittsburgh, and its inventive menu makes it stand out. Give it a visit—just make sure you have an empty stomach!

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