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Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions with a New Workout Routine

A Konga Jungle Body Class at NuAge Fitness

There’s nothing like two months of holiday overeating to motivate Pittsburghers’ newfound commitment to getting in shape in the new year. Part of that promise to do better usually involves a visit to the local gym.

If the thought of running on a treadmill (and getting nowhere fast) sounds less than inspiring, there are other unique fitness options in the Pittsburgh region that make exercising fun again. Some of these classes might even stave off the urge to give up on New Year’s resolutions to get healthier after just three weeks.

Kicking it with Konga

One such offering is the Konga Jungle Body Class offered at NuAge Fitness in Gibsonia. Class instructor Rosemary Rautenbach said Konga is an Australian-based fitness program that has all the variety of dancing, boxing, and toning in one convenient workout. Plus, it’s a lot of fun, so class participants never get bored.