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Wedding Day Flowers: Going Bold and Bright

Photo provided by The Blue Daisy Floral Designs. Photo by Michael Will Photography
Photo provided by The Blue Daisy Floral Designs. Photo by Michael Will Photography

Wedding trends come and go just like everything else. But one thing that remains constant are the lovely flowers incorporated into wedding bouquets, reception centerpieces and venue decorations. While the flowers always find a place in a wedding, the styles, colors and sources for flowers continue to evolve.

Wearable Flowers

Photo provided by Penna Flower Company
Photo provided by Penna Flower Company

“Wearables aren’t brand new to the floral industry, and flower crowns have been part of wedding work for some time. But now brides are incorporating floral belts on wedding dresses, floral necklaces, and many bridal gowns today have flowers on the fabric,” said Taylor Fisher of Penna Flower Company. “This trend isn’t exclusive to brides. Grooms are also incorporating flowers exchanging the traditional floral boutonniere for floral pocket squares,” said Fisher. “I’ve also seen floral ties.”

Add in Some Fruit

Fisher’s recent work also includes the use of seasonal fruit in floral arrangements. “Fruit has become a wonderful addition to wedding flowers creating a still-life quality; it elevates the floral arrangements,” said Fisher, adding that fruit, like flowers, is seasonal. For winter, persimmons and grapes join the floral movement. In autumn, apples and dark purple plums join the lineup. “The fruit in fall adds a blend of moody and bright colors to the floral designs,” explained Fisher. “I love incorporating elements in design that people wouldn’t expect like fall leaves in a bouquet—it’s not expected but it adds depth and creates interest in the design.”

Going Big and Bold with Flowers

Photo provided by The Blue Daisy Floral Designs. Photo by Abbie Tyler Photography
Photo provided by The Blue Daisy Floral Designs. Photo by Abbie Tyler Photography

Stephanie Kirby of The Blue Daisy Floral Design noted an extension of wedding season as a big trend in today’s market. “Weddings used to be typically held from June through October, but now we’re seeing the season extend throughout the year. We’re also seeing couples planning more intimate weddings with fewer guests. Rather than putting their money into paying for more meals for guests, they are investing more money in detailed and specialized floral installations.”

In terms of aesthetic trends, Kirby notes it’s all about color. “Instead of approaching color from a monochrome look of just one or two colors, couples are choosing a multicolored palette,” she explained. “People are leaning more into the season for their palette inspiration choosing jewel tones for fall, adding taupe, browns and tans for more depth, light pastels for spring and bright colors for summer.” She also noted blue is a big trend in flowers now as well.

Kirby loves the creative process of designing the perfect wedding flowers for her clients. “I love it when a couple gives us flexibility and a color palette to play with,” she said. “If you give your designer some parameters and the vibe you want to create, that’s when you’ll get the best design.”

Local Treasures

Another notable trend is the use of locally sourced flowers. “I’ve seen a huge movement toward using local flowers,” said Fisher. “This trend is awesome in several respects. A lot of local residents have started to farm flowers, and we now have the Greater Pittsburgh Flower Collective, which is great for our local economy and better for the environment as flowers don’t have to travel great distances. If brides are interested in sustainability, they should stress that to their florist, and we can work together to support the local growers.”

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