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Tailgate, Touchdown, Repeat

Football season is upon us, and with that comes tailgating. Whether you’re supporting your college or local team, getting together with friends before a big game can build camaraderie. There is a lot of preparation that goes into crafting the perfect tailgate. REVELxp is a company here to take some weight off your shoulders. They will set up your tailgate to remove all the stress, so that you can focus on game day. REVELxp has been around for about four years and is partnered with 60-plus schools nationwide to provide full-service tailgating.

REVELxp has a few different offices, including one in the Pittsburgh area. Their headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, but they have additional staff at each of the properties they manage. Caleb Weith oversees partnerships with Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia.

Pittsburgh sports fans take tailgating very seriously, and the company REVELxp is here to make fans tailgating experience even better.

“Teams and leagues are starting to look at Game Day more holistically. They’re thinking about the tailgate, all the pregame festivities, what’s going on in the game, and the presentation of the game itself. Our tailgates create a venue to entertain guests and clients. I think it creates many opportunities for our partners, guests, and university partners to have more face time and continue elevating that game day experience, so that it’s more than just coming to the game,” Weith said.

REVELxp works with universities and stadium facility crews to scout out tailgate locations. In addition to their services, they provide a prime spot outside the stadium. They grant both Steelers and University of Pittsburgh fans with an unparalleled experience.

“Our tailgate location in Pittsburgh is on the Great Lawn, which is right outside of the stadium on North Shore Drive, adjacent to all the bars and restaurants and parking. We’ve bundled in tickets, parking, and catering so that it’s a one-stop shop convenient solution for our fans,” Weith said.

Amy Anderson, associate athletic director for external initiatives at the University of Pittsburgh, has been partnered with REVELxp since 2017. She explains how their fans utilize this tailgating opportunity.

“Customers who purchase for the season or even a single game, they feel their stress go away as REVELxp does the work for them. The stress of getting to the North Shore early to secure the best parking space in your lot, setting up and tearing down your tailgate, bringing your food, tables, and chairs is all eliminated by the tremendous concierge service from the REVELxp staff,” Anderson said.

Anderson said working with REVELxp has benefited the university but has also been successful for students and staff.

“More than 2000 fans over the last five years (COVID year excluded) have enjoyed the REVELxp experience. Many of the fans tailgating on the Great Lawn are repeat customers or new businesses that have spawned from being at these tailgates and enjoying the convenience that REVELxp provides,” Anderson said.

REVELxp offers a variety of bundles depending on how many people and what you want at your tailgate. They have four standard packages: Varsity, Letterman, All American, Club, and special event customizable packages. All the packages vary by property. Each package includes a tent, chairs, tables, and linens; you can upgrade to include coolers and a personalized sign.

Along with their set-ups, various vendors work with REVELxp. Their partnerships help coordinate a lot of different moving parts. They have a few national deals, such as Chick-fil-A and Mission Barbecue. They also use local Pittsburgh vendors, including Voodoo Brewery, Southern Tier Brewing, Cooked Goose Catering, and more.

With all of these unique features, REVELxp’s goal is to upgrade your game day experience, so you can enjoy company and football.

To learn more about REVELxp and the services they offer, visit

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