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Tailgate, Touchdown, Repeat

Football season is upon us, and with that comes tailgating. Whether you’re supporting your college or local team, getting together with friends before a big game can build camaraderie. There is a lot of preparation that goes into crafting the perfect tailgate. REVELxp is a company here to take some weight off your shoulders. They will set up your tailgate to remove all the stress, so that you can focus on game day. REVELxp has been around for about four years and is partnered with 60-plus schools nationwide to provide full-service tailgating.

REVELxp has a few different offices, including one in the Pittsburgh area. Their headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, but they have additional staff at each of the properties they manage. Caleb Weith oversees partnerships with Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia.

Pittsburgh sports fans take tailgating very seriously, and the company REVELxp is here to make fans tailgating experience even better.