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Roast Beast is Highlight of Visit to Ladybird’s Luncheonette

Ladybird’s Luncheonette is a bit of a drive from Pittsburgh, but it’s definitely worth it. Located in Ellwood City, this charming bakery offers a wide array of menu items from sweet and savory pastries to salads to toasts made on homemade bread. They even have fresh, cold-pressed juices. Everything on their menu is house-made and the menu ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.

Chef and co-owner Jade Cageao is an Ellwood City native and has years of pastry experience. Ladybird’s Luncheonette was originally an ice cream shop called Sweet Caroline’s when Cageao bought it in May 2019 with her brother. She started adding pastries and a small selection of sandwiches soon after she bought the shop. The start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 was when the menu was fully expanded to what it is today, and the name Ladybird’s Luncheonette soon followed.

A definite must-have when you make the trip is one of their ginormous sandwiches. I’m talking sandwiches so big, they could feed at least two people. These sandwiches are piled high with local, fresh ingredients and made with naturally leavened bread made in house. The sandwich that stood out the most was the Roast Beast.