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Hydration IV Therapy:Is it Right for You?

When it’s time to take our vitamins, most of us unscrew the vitamin bottle, take out a pill and wash it down with a tall glass of water. But there’s a new way to get the nutrients and vitamins we need to keep us active and healthy.

For this variety you’ll need to roll up your sleeves, have a practitioner inject a needle into your skin and sit back while your bag of nutrients drips into your body. Sound a bit intense? That’s because it is.

Receiving nutrients directly into your bloodstream isn’t anything new in hospitals. People who are actually sick receive all types of infusions this way. But now, this tried-and-true method for maintaining a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals, called hydration therapy, has moved into the celebrity scene and beyond.

Celebrities ranging from Madonna to Cindy Crawford to Justin Bieber have reportedly embraced this new health trend for an array of reasons. Hydration therapy provides a variety of benefits. Weight loss IV drips regulate vitamin levels, fight fatigue and boost metabolism. They also reportedly boost energy levels which aid in recovery from an intense workout. Beauty hydration therapies are believed to fortify the skin, hair and nails, keeping celebrities looking their best.

Immunity boosts are especially popular to aid in warding off disease. And then there’s the extremely popular hangover boost to wipe out the effects of those A-list parties. Once the cure-all for the cash-rich and time-poor celebrities, the trend has now moved into the mainstream.

Founded by Dr. Abe Malkin of Concierge MD Los Angeles, Drip Hydration—a full-service concierge medical practice focused on medical house calls for primary and urgent medical services—makes house calls to deliver these health benefits directly into your bloodstream in the comfort of your home. Drip Hydration has numerous locations across the country, and Pittsburgh is no exception.

It’s as simple as choosing your intravenous cocktail, scheduling an in-home appointment and rolling up your sleeve. Drip Hydration uses registered nurses who are vetted, trained and licensed with extensive experience including backgrounds working in both the ER and ICU.

For those who prefer to receive treatments in a facility, MediDrip is Pittsburgh’s only IV Therapy infusion center. The company offers everything from the aforementioned hangover helper to anti-aging therapy to jet lag assistance. Keeping it true to hometown needs, there’s even a Pittsburgh Winter Pick Me Up, which promises to recharge the body with electrolytes, restore hydration, balance salts and replenish vitamins and minerals.

The first question most of us have is, “Is this safe?” One friend (who prefers to reman anonymous) shared her daughter’s experience. As someone who is anxious to fly on her own, has severe migraines and easily gets nauseous, her daughter ended up getting sick on a flight. Arriving in Los Angeles, she was disoriented and dehydrated. Her sister did some research and booked a hydration therapy treatment for her. A nurse came to her apartment, set up the drip and in 45 minutes she was done, and her condition had greatly improved.

“It beats going to the ER, but we did consult an Urgent Care doctor and a family friend who is a physician to make sure it was legit,” said her mom.

The doctors consulted stressed the importance of being certain the procedure is administered by a healthcare professional and overseen by a licensed doctor. In this example, most costs were out of pocket, but considering the deductible she would have paid for an emergency room visit (not to mention the stress) she felt it was the right decision.

For more information about treatments, costs and more, visit or And, as always, consult your medical specialist in advance.

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