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From Bat-making to Boxing, Louisville, KY a Must-visit for Sports Fans

A 120-foot bat ensures that you can’t miss the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory on Main Street.

Louisville, KY is known for a lot of things—horse racing and top-of-the-line bourbon among them. But it is also the home to two long-time sports legends—Muhammad Ali and the Louisville Slugger bat.

Walking down Museum Row, there’s no way that you can miss the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, because there is a bat—a really, really huge bat—balanced against the wall of the facility located right on Main Street.

For more than 100 years, the Louisville Slugger Factory has been producing the bats used by famous sluggers from Babe Ruth to Jackie Robinson to Roberto Clemente, and visitors can take a guided, 35-minute tour through the building, which still produces up to 4,000 bats daily. Even those who don’t follow the sport will be fascinated by all that goes into producing a bat from the time the wood leaves the forest and is milled to when it arrives in the hands of an all-star hitter.