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Dish of the Month: DiAnoia’s Eatery

Spaghetti Pie a Highlight of Brunch at DiAnoia’s Eatery

DiAnoia's Eatery, located in the Strip District, is one of Pittsburgh’s most popular restaurants. Oftentimes you need to make a reservation a month in advance to get in. While they’re mainly known for their delectable dinner menu, they also offer brunch on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Their brunch menu is full of both American and Italian breakfast dishes, such as biscuits and gravy and pork scarpetta. One of my personal favorites is the Nutella panzerotti, which is fried dough filled with Nutella. Talk about a decadent breakfast!

One of their more unique dishes is the spaghetti pie. I’d never heard of spaghetti pie before and was extremely curious to try it. It’s exactly what you think—spaghetti and pie combined. Apparently it’s a very common dish, but it’s origins are a little fuzzy. Some say it came from Sicily, while others say it’s from Chicago, home of deep dish pizza. A quick Google search provides endless recipes if you want to make it yourself. But why would you do that, when you can try DiAnoia’s version?

DiAnoia’s spaghetti pie had perfectly al dente pasta tucked into a crispy outer shell that formed when the pie was baked in the oven. The two layers are a perfect contrast, accompanied by the restaurant’s signature sauce, which has the ideal balance of sweetness and spice. The basil topping adds a hint of freshness.

This meal felt like a warm, comforting hug and left me full and content after brunch. I even had leftovers to take home for dinner! It’s a must-have next time you're at DiAnoia's, especially if you’re looking for something to try other than your typical brunch menu items. Now if I can just convince them to put in on their dinner menu!

DiAnoia’s is currently open for takeout and limited indoor dining. Reservations are available for up to six weeks in advance. The restaurant is located at 2549 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

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