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Alternative Treatments for Joint Pain Garnering Attention

Unfortunately, joint pain is very common in adults. So common, in fact, that as many as one-third of adults have suffered from joint pain in the last month, according to a recent WebMD survey. That’s a lot of pain.

As we age, joint pain becomes more common and more severe.

Some who suffer from joint pain look for alternative treatment methods apart from traditional medicine. A popular choice is the use of CBD products. “You are putting something natural into your body,” said Shaun Painter, owner of Your CBD Store, Cranberry, explaining why many prefer to try CBD products as medication.

Painter works with his customers to learn more about them and their specific joint pain. “Once we figure out the level of pain and more about the person’s lifestyle, we can determine what works best for them,” he said.

CBD has grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years and comes in a variety of forms including tinctures, edibles, capsules, drops and topical creams, all of which have different benefits. The easiest avenue to determine CBD treatment is to visit a CBD store.

“Through a consultation, we can learn more as well as discuss any problems and concerns,” Painter said.

Reliv International products are clinically proven to help repair and restore existing joint tissues, according to Sherri Walker, a Reliv distributor for 14 years. The retired nurse first became interested in the products to improve her own health.

“I wanted to help others improve their quality of life. I wouldn’t be doing this if my husband and I hadn’t seen such dramatic differences,” she said.

Its core nutrition products help with overall health and preventative care, but Reliv has also targeted products for special health needs, including joint pain.

“It was my joint issues that convinced me to try Reliv,” said Walker, who explained that she had lower back and knee pain as the result of a more than 20-year career in critical care nursing.

“After two months of using ArthAffect, my knees felt better than they had in years,” she added.

Reliv has released a new, cutting-edge product in their Hemp Extract line called RLV Protect that also helps to relieve joint pain, according to Walker.

“You get the immediate benefits from hemp and the long-term benefits of lunasin,” she said. “It has really helped my own back pain.”

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