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Zero-Waste Movement Offers Many Ways to Reduce Consumption

There is no doubt about it—humans create a lot of waste. But more and more people are doing something about it, embracing the Zero Waste Movement philosophy.

What does ‘zero waste’ mean? According to, the zero-waste approach seeks to maximize recycling, minimize waste, reduce consumption, and ensure that products are made to be reused, repaired or recycled back into nature or the marketplace.

Rebekah Joy

Flux Bene founder Rebekah Joy was alarmed at how many garments ended up in landfills, creating huge amounts of waste. “Garments are the second greatest pollutants between dyes, solvents, and physical landfill space,” she said. “Nothing should be disposable, in my opinion.”

Joy found that the more she researched, the more distressed she became. She was moved to do something. “I thought, ‘We have so many clothes that could be used,’” she said.

Joy took a sewing class and soon was upcycling and selling clothing that she bought at thrift stores. After receiving a good response, s