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Unique Businesses, Sense of Community, Make Millvale a Must-visit Destination

Millvale’s businesses, starting with the opening of Grist House Craft Brewery in 2014, have put the borough on the map, according to Mayor Brian Spoales. People also are drawn to the borough’s central location near the 40th Street Bridge and Route 28, as well as its reasonably priced real estate. Perhaps above all, Millvale boasts a strong sense of community.

Danielle Spinola

Tupelo Honey Teas owner Danielle Spinola compares Millvale, with its population of 3,800, to the fictional Stars Hollow, CT, where the TV show Gilmore Girls was set.

“People know each other and look out for each other. Business owners support each other. The police chief and mayor are some of the most caring people I know,” she said. “When someone has an idea to create or do something for the town, they are given support to bring that idea to life, because what is good for Millvale is good for us all.”

Spinola, a Millvale native, housed her shop in the Strip District and Allison Park before moving it to 211 Grant Avenue in 2015. “None of those locations felt like home; Millvale feels like home,” said the descendant of Thomas Girty, whose namesake creek–Girty’s Run–runs through the town.