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Professional Matchmakers A Safer, More Compatible Way for Singles to Meet

One of the biggest issues with online dating is that what you see…is not always what you get. People’s profiles aren’t always accurate, and it’s hard to tell if you’ll be compatible with someone when all you know about them is what they write about themselves. There’s also an issue of safety—we’ve all read the horror stories of matches gone wrong that have resulted in people being harassed, injured or worse.

Some people are turning to professional matchmakers who take the time to vet potential dates and to find out if their clients are compatible. And while you may think that matchmakers are a thing of the past or just the subject of Broadway plays, there are many Pittsburgh couples who have found happiness in this way.

Rachel Kaplan, who has been married to Rich Kaplan for the past 11 years, turned to Susan Dunhoff of The Modern Matchmaker when she had a bad experience with online dating.

“I went on a date with someone and lo and behold, they didn’t turn out to be who they said they were online,” she explained. “At the time, I was young and lived alone, and I wasn’t comfortable with this type of blind dating, which is really what online dating is. You don’t really know the person.”