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Our Roadmap for Every Animal Friend

By Kathleen Beaver, President & CEO

Animal Friends does so much for so many. In our quest to engage, improve and save lives, we reach in to so many communities, meet so many people and animals, and develop an understanding of the unique situations and struggles of each one. Whether we are providing free pet food to a neighborhood food pantry, rescuing 50 cats from a hoarding situation, matching a young family with their first pet or helping a victim of the pandemic with affordable care for their sick dog, we are making lives better.

It’s why we do what we do. It’s our mission.

At Animal Friends, we continually review the work we do, how we do it and who we serve. Are we impacting the critical needs of the community? Are our programs and services targeting those who need us most? Are our programs being run as efficiently and strategically as possible? Are we being good stewards of our donors’ gifts?

As part of this process, we also took a hard look at our Mission and Vision statements. After all, for a nonprofit, our mission is the driving force behind our work. It’s the “why.” And, it’s the “how.”

We recognized that while our statement was good, it wasn’t great. It no longer effectively conveyed our purpose and direction as defined by the changing needs of our community. So, with the help of a team of staff, board members and volunteers, we got to work on a “refresh.” And, today I am pleased to share with you Animal Friends’ new, board-approved Mission and Vision statements.

Mission: To rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in crisis, ensure healthy pets through education, advocacy and affordable services, and inspire a community where the animal-human bond is celebrated and nurtured.

Vision: A humane and compassionate future for every animal friend.

In these statements you will find our continued commitment to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of unwanted animals. You will see Animal Friends’ growing investment in helping pet owners who are struggling most through affordable services like veterinary care, pet food and supportive resources. We will strengthen our voice both regionally and nationally to guarantee our companion animals are ensured a humane future. And, we will continue our longstanding commitment to remain a champion of the animal-human bond through our educational opportunities and therapeutic programs.

With this new Mission as our guide – and with your support, input and involvement – we look forward to the year ahead and our promise of a humane and compassionate future for every animal friend.

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