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More Than Just a Breed

By Katie Vecchi, Director of Behavior & Placement

If you are interested in adopting a pet, you have probably scrolled through our website to view the adoptable animals at Animal Friends. Visitors and potential adopters can learn more about each animal on their individual profile page. This may include their background, personality, activity level and ideal family. For dogs, there has always been a breed (or multiple breeds) listed as well. This information was added to help adopters search for favored breeds and potentially give more background about the dog.

As with all aspects of the care and adoption of our animal residents, we are always trying to “think outside of the cage” and adhere to shelter best practices. So, we recently made the decision to remove the specific breeds from our residents’ profiles. Now, visitors to our website will see the dogs listed as small, medium or large mixed breeds.

Many of our residents come to Animal Friends with limited backgr