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Mattress Factory’s New Show Debuts Three New Exhibitions

The Mattress Factory is pleased to announce the opening of three new distinct exhibitions in the Museum’s Monterey Annex from Lenka Clayton & Phillip Andrew Lewis, Lydia Rosenberg, and Katie Bullock. A free opening reception will be held on the evening of Friday, March 3 from 6-8 p.m.

These artists were selected by the visiting curator for a 2021 Regional Open Call, Denise Markonish, chief curator and director of exhibitions at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA.

For the duration of collaborative duo Lenka Clayton & Phillip Andrew Lewis's The Museum Collects Itself, the trash generated by the normal operations of the Mattress Factory Museum will be redirected – stored, catalogued and displayed within the Monterey Annex Gallery – instead of being thrown away. The gallery will begin as a blank white space and will slowly fill up with the discarded materials of all aspects of institutional activities, which may include production waste from art installations, administrative office debris, deinstalled artworks, among other things.

In Do This While I Wait, Lydia Rosenberg presents a series of sculptures initially described in her ongoing project of writing a novel-as-sculpture which is a narrative text about objects. For this project, Rosenberg makes sculptures on behalf of a fictional character from the novel, an artist named Annette.

In As Seen From the Surface, Katie Bullock draws from her ongoing archive of videos, drawings, and diagrams that reach for meaning by way of the everyday. The installation, which will attempt to track patterns in attention and map fragments of connection and understanding, will grow throughout the life of the show and include experiences from her time living in Pittsburgh.

2023 is an exciting year for the Mattress Factory, as the museum shifts its existing model of large, less frequent group shows to forefront its residency and artist support. The new program will feature one artist or small group at a time, staggering more exhibition openings throughout the year and facilitating holistic and undivided support for the artists in residence. From this new system, the Mattress Factory will present near-constant new art at the museum, with 2023 seeing four openings throughout the year.

For more information on the opening reception, visit The show will be on view through Dec. 30, 2023.

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