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Make Holiday Meals a Breeze

Remos Catering
Remos Catering

Some people love to cook. For those people, spending the entire day in the kitchen preparing a holiday feast for family and friends is an absolute pleasure. But not all of us feel the same way. For those who prefer to delegate the cooking to someone else, having a holiday meal catered will certainly lift your holiday spirits.

While catering has long been an option for holiday dinners and special occasions, it is growing in popularity as people reevaluate their priorities.

“I’ve been with Bistro To Go for two and a half years now and have seen some changes in that time period,” said Executive Chef Kevin Hermann. “Coming out of the pandemic, people are more focused on finding a way to truly enjoy the holidays with their family and friends. As a result, many are leaving the cooking to us.”

Family-owned Remo’s Catering has served delicious cuisine to the Greater Pittsburgh area for over 50 years. Maintaining a close team of employees with diverse backgrounds in food and beverage, Remo’s Catering offers a deliciously versatile menu. Holiday menus include traditional favorites like roast turkey, sage dressing, buttered corn, mashed potatoes and more. If mixing things up beyond the turkey staples is your idea of a perfect holiday meal, check out the Italian dishes available to add to your turkey. Choose from lasagna, stuffed shells, eggplant parmesan and Remo’s Rigatoni.

Remo’s also features a 12 Days of Christmas menu during the holiday season. Ideal for holiday parties, the menu serves up even more mouthwatering Italian favorites along with hors d’oeuvres, like cheese or sausage stuffed mushrooms. For Remo’s Christmas Dinner package, more indulgent entrees add to the holiday flavors. This includes chateaubriand, shrimp scampi with garlic butter and more.

Jaden’s Catering menu markets holiday meals through packages, giving clients the option of choosing the best package for their group size. For example, Package A features a 12-14 lb. turkey and serves 10-12 guests. Package B upsizes that with a 22-25 lb. turkey and sides that serve 22-25 guests. Individual turkey dinner packages are also available. Additional menu items include honey-glazed ham, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole and several pies, covering all the comfort foods.

Bistro To Go’s catering business continues to experience positive growth, and one of the company’s popular holiday offerings is the holiday pan pickup. And for those with a smaller holiday group, individual holiday plates can be ordered.

“Customers can place an order using our simple PDF file on the website. It can be printed out, completed and e-mailed to us or completed directly on the computer,” said Hermann. “For our Thanksgiving menu, we include traditional holiday comfort food including a maple glazed turkey, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato casserole and more.”

Bistro To Go doesn’t just do the turkey and chicken theme. They also offer entrees like roasted prime rib, baked ham and a large selection of side dishes.

To deal with the turkey shortage during the holidays in 2022, Bistro To Go offered an alternative. “It was so hard to find turkeys last year, so we added our Farmhouse apple cider chicken to the holiday pan pickup order,” said Hermann. “It included our stuffing and was roasted just like our turkeys.“

Bistro To Go also incorporates the needs of vegans and vegetarians in their menu offerings. “Most of our side dishes are vegetarian friendly and can be made vegan if needed,” said Hermann. “Just lose the cheese and it’s vegan.”

Among the favorite vegetarian dishes is vegetarian lasagna. Currently, on the holiday pan pickup menu, delicious choices include vegan turkey loaf, cranberry chutney, roasted rosemary potatoes and dill green beans. “We strive to be very adaptive to the needs of our guests and will work with them to prepare a menu that meets their dietary preferences,” said Hermann.

Once you choose the entrees for your holiday pan pickup, the team at Bistro To Go prepares everything and precooks your meal. All you have to do is pick it up and warm it in the oven on the holiday. “Having the meal ready-made allows everyone more time to focus on the experience of getting together,” said Hermann.

After Thanksgiving, the winter holiday menu will be posted featuring traditional dishes for Christmas, Hanukkah and more.

“We have a diverse client base and strive to satisfy everyone’s taste and traditions,” said Hermann. “We look forward to helping our customers carry on their family traditions for the holidays. We’re like that familiar warm blanket that you always want in the wintertime!”

Menus for all three caterers are posted on their websites:

Bistro To Go:

Remo’s Catering:

Jaden’s Catering:

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