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Kitten Season: How You Can Help

By Ann Ensminger, Senior Director of Impact & Programs

It’s spring—my favorite time of the year—when the weather gets warmer, the sun shines brighter and the days become longer! And at Animal Friends, and many other organizations across the country, this is the time of year that we refer to as “kitten season.”

Are you thinking, “What in the world is kitten season?” Well, it’s not actually a season like spring, summer, winter or fall. Kitten season is the period of time from March through the end of the summer when kittens are born.

During kitten season, Animal Friends receives questions about how to help them and requests to admit them for adoption. Most of these kittens are born to mama cats who are feral. A feral cat is one who spends its entire life living outside. They were likely born outside and are more comfortable there than they are living in a home with people.

We need everyone in the community to help us during kitten season. This spring, summer and early fall, when you are outside playing, taking a walk or eve