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Funyak Landscapes Celebrates 25 Years of Creating Stunning Outdoor Escapes

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that our homes are extremely important to our overall comfort and quality of life. And while some people are truly enjoying the spaces that they inhabit, others may be realizing that some improvements need to be made.

“After this past year when people were forced to stay home because of the pandemic, or chose to enjoy a ‘staycation’ instead of going elsewhere, people really started to understand the value of being able to escape to their own backyards,” said Jawn Funyak of Funyak Landscapes, L.P. “Not only can they get away from the rigors of everyday life, but it’s the place where memories are made with family and friends. That’s what it’s all about.”

Now celebrating its 25th year in business, Funyak Landscapes has created hundreds of backyard escapes for customers in the North Hills and throughout Pittsburgh. These personalized outdoor spaces are not only beautiful, but add fun and value to the family home.

“Nobody wants to sit on a small, concrete pad in the backyard; we design outdoor living spaces where people can gather,” said Funyak. “All those good things on the inside, we take outside.”

These spaces include a range of amenities from full working custom outdoor kitchens, to high-end grills and smokers, to hibachis and beverage centers, to TV and audio that is controlled by smart devices, to pergolas, pool houses and more.

“Fireplaces and firepits, which are some of the most popular features in western Pennsylvania, allow homeowners to extend the outdoor season into the early spring and fall,” said Funyak. “We also found ourselves designing more poolscapes this past year as public pools weren’t an option.”

Putting the ‘fun’ in Funyak, they also created bocce courts, putting greens and multiple golfing areas at area homes, and even spaces to play pickleball.

As a comprehensive landscape contractor, Funyak offers a complete line of lawn and landscape maintenance services, which means that clients get to spend their time enjoying these personalized outdoor spaces instead of tending to them.

“So many people view their backyards as a chore, spending all of their time mowing the grass and pulling weeds,” said Funyak. “While some other companies finish a project and then leave—never to be seen again—we make it easy for our clients to relax and enjoy their yards. Everything looks great every time they pull in the driveway.”

One of the secrets to the company’s more than two decades of success is that they believe in building long-term relationships with their customers.

“A homeowner might only do this type of project once, but we’ve been doing it every day for 25 years,” said Funyak. “They can rely on us for the best experience in designing, installing and maintaining their outdoor space.”

He added that what customers like most about the company is that they can be trusted to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. “We don’t cut corners,” he said. “We’ve spent years earning a reputation for doing things the right way, so we honor our contracts, do what we say we’ll do, and live by the golden rule of treating others how we would like to be treated.”

Funyak Landscapes has continually developed their team by surrounding themselves with trustworthy employees and second-generation family members who share these core tenets. “Our sons and daughters and nieces and nephews actually want to work with us,” laughed Funyak, who owns the business with his brother, Joe. “We must be pretty decent dudes.”

Creating the Perfect Space

Even before breaking ground, Funyak Landscapes begins collaborating with customers, creating 3D renderings of what the space will entail. “This way, they can see the finished project before we pick up a shovel,” said Funyak, adding that this process also allows clients to give input on everything from what specific plants will be used to the type of decorative stone that will make up the landscape.

“Some contractors may draft a generalized estimate or sketch something without much proper planning, but this can result in a finished product that doesn’t look as good as it could have,” he added. “Don’t rely on a contractor with less experience for such an important investment that includes so many important details.”

Funyak also shares value options during the estimating process to help clients decide where they should spend more money or less. “All of this is part of an open, honest, transparent discussion; it’s much like building a custom home, but outdoors,” said Funyak.

While it would be difficult to ever leave such amazing outdoor living spaces, Funyak notes that these types of improvements are a wise investment, especially in a seller’s market. “We’ve heard through real estate professionals that these spaces sell houses,” he said. “They’ve had people see these beautiful landscapes driving by who tell the agents that they want to buy the house before they’ve even gone inside.”

For those considering making these types of improvements, or for any lawn and landscaping needs, Funyak suggests calling now for an appointment. “It’s never too early to call, because this can be an in-depth process,” he said. “You have to be intentional and take the time to do it right.”

To see some of Funyak Landscapes’ completed projects or to learn more, visit or call 724-432-3232.

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