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From Vet Appointments to Pet Adoptions, Apps Make Things Easier

Megan Charowski wasn’t thinking about her safety when her flight was detoured because of bad weather. She was thinking about her dogs, who would be stranded at their daycare.

“We had enough fuel to circle in the air for an hour or two, but our pups were at daycare and it would be closed before we landed,” she said.

Thinking quickly, Charowski purchased Wi-Fi on the plane and used the Rover app to find someone to pick them up and care for them until she and her husband landed and drove home.

As Charowski knows first-hand, Rover can help locate a dog walker, sitter (both drop-in or in-home), kennel, and more. The app also allows users to locate other nearby service providers, review ratings and make safe, secure transactions. This easy-to-use app allows you to leave home knowing that you don’t have to worry about your own Rover, and can even help in emergency situations. (Free and available for iOS and Android.)

YepiPet helps manage numerous tasks for pets including walks, feedings, application of medicines, vet visits and more. YepiPet is easy to use and helps track weight and pet size for better healthcare monitoring, while also managing your pantry so you know when you need to pick up a bag of food or cat litter. What makes it even better is that you can track promotions to find the best buys to stock your pet pantry. Easy to use for all pet owners. (Free and available for iOS and Android.)

Busy pet parents will appreciate Wag to help find insured, bonded and background-checked dog walkers. And since you love your dog, you can track its path with the app’s GPS map to follow along. You can also choose to receive an after-walk report complete with the distance and duration of the walk, a photo and/or video and pet elimination info. Wag can also assist in finding boarding and pet-sitting services as well as dog trainers. (Free and available for iOS and Android.)

Carol Lee-Roak and her husband like taking their two aging beagles traveling when they can. “We like BringFido to search places that are dog-friendly,” she said. Roak said the easy-to-use app helps locate Fido-friendly vacation spots including rentals and hotels, attractions, dog parks and even restaurants. The app also provides information on a location’s dog rules, including leash laws and regulations. With more than 250,000 locations listed, you're sure to find places to enjoy with your four-legged traveling companions. (Free and available for iOS and Android.)

BarkHappy also assists in locating dog-friendly locations, in addition to helping dog owners connect with other dog lovers and meet-up groups. It can also help locate lost pets/owners and offers deals on products. Users can use BarkHappy to set up their own dog-friendly events and invite like-minded pet owners. Free and available for iOS and Android.)

It can be frightening when your pet is ill and they can’t tell you what hurts. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app is a wealth of resources including emergency tools that allow you to contact a vet, locate the nearest veterinary hospital or quickly look up early warning signs and symptoms at the touch of a button. There are additional health and wellness resources such as warnings for toxic products, pet-friendly products and tips for keeping pets healthy and safe. Please note this is a supplement to regular veterinary care and not to be used as a replacement. Pet First Aid is free and available for iOS and Android.

Lee-Roak’s veterinarian recommended that she use MyPetsWellness to help regulate her dogs’ medical needs. The free app allows you to contact your veterinarian online and keep track of your pet’s vital statistics, and vet and other appointments. To use this app, you do need to work with a participating veterinarian. MyPetsWellness is free and available for iOS and Android.

Petfinder can help those looking for a new pet to adopt. The app, which includes shelters and other rescue facilities, has thousands of adoptable animals that can be searched by breed, age, size, gender, location and more. Petfinder includes adoptable cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, horses, fish, and lizards. You can look at photos of adoptive pets that meet your criteria before taking that big step. This app is free and available for iOS and Android.

For Lee-Roak, pet apps have made her life easier. “I appreciate the ease with which I can ask the vet to renew Keelin’s medications, check in that all is well and get photos each day from the dog sitter,” she said. “It also lets me know if Keelin spent the day sleeping, so I should take her for a walk.”

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