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Families Able to Keep Pets at Home with Help from Food Banks

Animal shelters and advocates throughout the Pittsburgh area work hard to successfully relocate thousands of animals to their forever homes. But these organizations also strive to keep pets in the loving homes they already have. When a family faces financial struggles, taking care of their pets becomes problematic. Thankfully, some of the same organizations that place animals also provide assistance to financially strapped families through pet food banks.

How Does a Pet Food Bank Work?

“Our Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank partners with over 30 local food pantries and Meals on Wheels programs to provide healthy, nutritious meals for their clients’ pets,” said Cody Hoellerman, director of communications at Animal Friends. “We work with each of the individual pantries to provide them with food on a regular basis. We have volunteers who do deliveries while some partners come to Animal Friends to pick up their orders.”

The majority of Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank supplies come through donations from the community. “We gratefully accept donations of unopened pet food and treats and distribute it to our partner organizations,” said Hoellerman, adding that the organization also accepts monetary donations that can be used to purchase food for the Chow Wagon at wholesale pricing through their vendors.