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Dry February Ideas from Fine Wine & Good Spirits

Whether you participated in Dry January and want to continue that trend or are simply looking for beverages with lower carb and sugar counts, Fine Wine & Good Spirits has a wide variety of products that cater to any lifestyle.

“Low-calorie wines are incredibly popular and the demand for them increases all the time,” said Jessica Roberts, FW&GS wine specialist, adding that low-alcohol products are also seeing an increase but not as much as nonalcoholic products. “Alcohol-free wine and mocktails have become a ‘must-have’ for parties and events.”

According to Roberts, there are some small differences in the taste between standard and no/low-alcohol products.

“Alcohol can give wine more body or a glycerol mouth feel, so with a low percentage of alcohol, you can expect a lighter and crisper tasting wine,” she said. “You may also notice a small lack in aroma, only because the nose of a wine is carried by evaporating alcohol.

“None of these mean that your wine will be bad!” she added. “It’s just a slightly different tasting profile from the standard wines. In fact, I suggest tasting some side-by-side to see if you can notice the difference yourself.”

For those looking for non-alcoholic beverages or those with lower carb and sugar counts, Fine Wine & Good Spirits recommends the following:

Fre (nonalcoholic)

Scarborough (low calorie, low sugar)

Kim Crawford (low calorie, low sugar)

Lifevine (organic, low carb, sugar free)

Chairman’s Selection (low alcohol)

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