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Vikings: Warriors of the North Sea to Open Feb. 11

Vikings: Warriors of the North Sea is sailing into the Carnegie Science Center in early February, providing visitors with the chance to see over 140 authentic Viking artifacts, including a full-size replica of a Viking boat!

The Vikings Age (c. 8th-11th centuries) was a time of colonization, conquest and plunder, but also a period when towns with trades, specialized crafts, professions, and communication networks were established. The small, fragmented kingdoms comprising Scandinavia were gathered in three larger kingdoms—Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and this centralization of power led to major changes in society and an entirely new social structure.

The Vikings exhibition, which is only in Pittsburgh for a limited time, includes:

  • Joanna, a full-sized reconstruction of a Viking boat from Gokstad, an excavation site in Norway where a large burial mound of a chieftain from the Viking Age with his large ship and several smaller boats were buried in 895.

  • Viking currency

  • An accurate replica of a Viking Age sword that you can experience hands-on

  • The chance to roleplay as a Viking, trying on the traditional garb of Viking men and women

  • The opportunity to interact with a Norsemen through augmented reality

  • The Jelling Stone, often called Denmark’s birth certificate.

This exhibition has been produced in partnership by The National Museum of Denmark, MuseumsPartner in Austria, and Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Archaeology and History Complex of Québec, with the collaboration of Ubisoft Montréal. Tickets are now available at

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