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Refresh Your Home with a Coat of Paint

Photo provided by Studio 312 Interiors. Photo by Amy Tedrow, Believe Create Inspire, LLC.
Photo provided by Studio 312 Interiors. Photo by Amy Tedrow, Believe Create Inspire, LLC.

First impressions matter–and not just when it comes to meeting people. Your home’s exterior delivers the first impression for visitors or passersby. The interior provides a welcome for invited family and friends. If your home could use a little brightening up outside or inside, a new paint job can do the trick.

But painting isn’t just about making welcoming impressions and curb appeal. Paint plays a key role in the maintenance of your home, aiding in protecting the walls, wood frames and metal in your home. It forms a protective layer that protects and preserves your home for several years.

How Often Should You Paint Your Home?

Generally, the rule of thumb is to paint the interior of your home every five to ten years. High traffic areas like playrooms should be painted every five years. Bedrooms need a refresh every eight to ten years.

For your home’s exterior, determining when to repaint depends on several factors including the type of surface.

As an example:

  • Painted aluminum siding lasts around five years

  • Painted brick exteriors can last 15 to 20 years with occasional cleanings throughout the years

  • Painted wood siding needs to be painted every three to seven years while stained wood siding should be redone every four years

  • Stucco typically lasts five to six years

If you notice cracking and chipping paint on your exterior or interior walls, painting the damaged areas is a good idea even if you don’t need a complete paint job.

The Season for Painting

Before and after cabinets by Bella’s Army
Before and after cabinets by Bella’s Army

Choosing the right time of year to paint your home is vital for a successful project. With the unpredictable winters, it’s best to wait until spring or summer to start your exterior painting project. But that doesn’t mean you should wait until that time of year to start the planning process. “A lot of our customers think about outside painting six months in advance,” said Brian Reis, owner of Bella’s Army Painting. “There are always price increases after the new year with overhead, suppliers and other incremental increases. By contracting us for the job before year-end, our customers save money.”

Reis also noted that it’s important to collaborate with a company that is very good at communicating to manage expectations. “We may not be doing a job for six months, but we’ll touch base in April for a May job to keep the clients informed.”

Painting contractors know the ideal weather for painting to achieve the perfect coat. If you’re doing the job yourself, be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast. Look for a day that is warm and sunny with no rain or wind on the day you plan to paint and the surrounding days. The ideal weather will allow the paint to set and cure within the appropriate amount of time.

The winter months work well for interior painting. The dry, cool air in your home can benefit the newly painted walls. The ideal temperature for inside painting jobs is between 60 to 80 degrees.

Show Your Personality through Color

Choosing a color for exterior and interior painting projects is often the most difficult decision to make. “We’ve seen people struggle for three months to choose a color,” said Reis. “As a result, we’ve partnered with an interior designer who works with our clients to aid in this process.” The team at Bella’s Army Painting introduces the designer to their clients by text and email to facilitate a color consultation. “The designer consultation is complimentary to all our clients.”

Photo provided by Studio 312 Interiors. Photo by Amy Tedrow, Believe Create Inspire, LLC.
Photo provided by Studio 312 Interiors. Photo by Amy Tedrow, Believe Create Inspire, LLC.

Consulting with an interior designer is an ideal way to express your personality through the colors you choose. Owner and designer at Studio 312 Interiors, Suzanne Sekula is a professional interior designer with a BS in Interior Design and MS in Interior Architecture. “The process of conducting a color consultation varies based on the scope of the project,” she explained. “If the client is planning to update and repaint interiors, I look at the existing furniture, artwork and area rugs to ensure the new colors complement existing design pieces.”

For clients planning new renovations or new construction, Sekula gets to know the client’s personal style. “I take into consideration the mood or atmosphere the client would want to be portrayed through the renovation or construction.”

Sekula recommends choosing colors for exterior paint that complement the style of the house. “A Craftsman or modern Craftsman house would work well with earthy tones,” she said. “For a Classical style home, the palate would be classic colors including shades of white, navy or black.”

Another thing people forget or don’t think about is how paint can relate to the psychology of color. “Certain hues affect people in different ways,” explained Sekula. “For example, blues are calming while reds or yellows are invigorating.”

Other Things to Consider

A fresh coat of paint in an enticing new color isn’t the only thing to brighten up your home. “We get a lot of questions about cabinet painting,” said Reis. “A complete kitchen renovation can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. But with proper preparations and thousands of color options, we can paint kitchen cabinets and effectively renovate the look of the kitchen for thousands less.” Reis notes this is the fastest growing division of Bella’s Army Painting.

Remember, preparation is key to a smooth and perfect finish in any painting project. If you are not confident in your painting skills, hiring a professional contractor simplifies the process. And for design services, a licensed interior designer guides you in enhancing the beauty of your home.

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