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New Summer Menu at The Vandal Delivers

The Vandal Pittsburgh Oysters
The Vandal Pittsburgh Oysters

The Vandal, located in central Lawrenceville, has undergone many transformations since its opening in 2015. After completing renovations last year, they settled on a casual, European café vibe. With their minimalistic art and new bar setup, they’ve definitely achieved this design-wise. After tasting their new summer menu, I can assure you that the food accomplishes this as well.

Something that hasn’t changed about The Vandal is the eclectic nature of their menu. There are typically appetizers, a salad, pasta and some mains, but they are always unique and inventive. The menu is always changing, which I don’t always love, but at The Vandal it works. Their menu is never boring and is cognizant of seasonality, which is key. I have been to The Vandal many times over the years and, in my opinion, their current summer menu is one of the best menus they have ever produced.

I ordered a variety of dishes and every single one was phenomenal. That rarely happens. Typically, one dish stands out above the rest, but each dish was superb and kept getting better.