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Lots of Delicious Options Available for Pi Day Celebration

Pi Day—the annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi)—isn’t a major holiday, but with everything going on in the world, everyone needs a reason to celebrate. And who doesn’t want an excuse to eat pie? We’ve rounded up the best local spots serving up traditional pies this March 14 (the first three digits in pi are 3, 1, 4) as well as some unique spots to help you properly celebrate this obscure holiday.

Oakmont Bakery is the go-to spot for many Pittsburghers when they’re looking to satisfy that sweet tooth. This popular bakery offers more than 16 different kinds of pie year-round, including flavors like chocolate peanut butter, banana cream, and Dutch apple. They even have mini pies available if you want to sample a variety of flavors. You can preorder pies online or stop in any day of the week to pick up a slice or two (we won’t judge).

Soergel Orchards, located in Wexford, is a well-known North Hills’ farm, and their bakery is famous for its delectable fruit and cream pies and flaky crusts. They have a huge variety of pies; however, some of them are only available at specific times throughout the year. A few of their more unique offerings include apple berry rhubarb, French silk, and red raspberry. All of their fruit pies are available in half portions, plus they have select 8-inch fruit pies with no sugar added. Choices change all the time, so make sure to check in to learn about their latest options.

If you’re looking for a mix of savory and sweet pies, try Empanada Fusion. It's a newer operation that does weekly empanada drops in neighborhoods all across Pittsburgh, including Gibsonia, Fox Chapel, and Sewickley. Typically empanadas made in the U.S. are fried, but Empanada Fusion’s are baked, which helps keep the crust light and makes for a healthier option as well. Flavors change weekly, and a few of their savory empanadas include curry chicken, elote, and spring roll. In addition to eight savory flavors each week, they always sell two varying dessert options as well. A few of their more popular options are the apple pie, banana churro, and peaches and cream. You can see Empanada Fusion’s latest menu and drop locations on their website at Who wouldn’t love pie for dinner and dessert?

If you’re not a huge fan of dessert pies, you can always have a pizza pie to celebrate instead! Driftwood Oven has been serving up wood fired pizzas on Butler Street since 2017. They use sourdough starter in their dough, which adds a subtle, tangy flavor. You can order a 16-inch classic or a 12-cut Roman style with a variety of different toppings from spicy pickled peppers to bacon. They also have a selection of house and specialty pizzas to choose from if you’re not feeling inventive. Right now, they’re open for takeout only.

Detroit style pizza is having a resurgence here in the ‘burgh, and we have Ironborn Pizza to thank for that. Detroit style is a bit different from a typical pizza in that it’s square, has a tall crunchy exterior, and a soft and airy crust. Ironborn has a wide array of pizza options ranging from innovative (Nashville Hot Chicken Pie) to classic (Yinzer Pie). With locations in both Millvale and the Strip District, it’s easy to get your hands on one of their pies. Like Driftwood Oven, Ironborn Pizza is open for takeout only.

No matter how you celebrate, Pi Day is sure to be delicious!

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