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Funyak Landscapes: Stylish Landscaping for Any Yard

Perhaps they did not realize it at the time, but a seed was planted when Jawn Funyak’s brother, Joe, began mowing neighborhood lawns while growing up in Mars. In 1996, the brothers formed a partnership, and out of that, a new landscaping business took root. Fast forward to today, and Funyak Landscapes, with 30+ employees, is one of the most comprehensive luxury landscapers in the region. Headquartered in their hometown of Mars, Funyak Landscapes’ service area ranges from Mercer to Sewickley to Fox Chapel and beyond. After almost three full decades in the business, Jawn Funyak believes that the company has served thousands of customers.

“We have a vision. Our strong point has been that we’ve evolved into a very comprehensive type of provider. We’re not just a grass mower or a hardscaper. We can do both and are capable of everything in between. Over the years, we’ve gained expertise in multifaceted aspects of landscape installation and maintenance services,” said Funyak.

In fact, between landscape design, installation, and maintenance, the company manages the whole project from start to finish. Yes, Funyak Landscapes will do something as simple as lawn care, but the company designs and installs exquisite outdoor living spaces, beginning with its in-house design-build team. “What we love the most is helping the individual homeowners get that dream landscape that they can enjoy with friends and family. We listen to the customer and what they want, and we provide them with a plethora of options,” said Funyak.

Despite Pittsburgh having four distinct seasons, outdoor living is very much desired by local customers. “Nowadays you can spend an awful lot of time outdoors for a large portion of the year. Some of the best times in your backyard could be with the fire going in the fall. It’s extremely popular and valuable,” he said.

While a well-planned, well-constructed outdoor living space certainly can increase the value of your home, Funyak said that the other piece is creating invaluable memories outdoors, something that many customers are seeking.

In addition to fire features, which have always been a popular element, Funyak’s company has installed custom patios with full outdoor working kitchens and bars; hibachi grills; verdant gardens; pergolas; pavilions; and outdoor audio systems. They’ve even done bocce courts, putting greens and canine dog areas. “One of my favorite things we design is landscape lighting; even the most beautiful landscapes could be better with light, and it’s a really nice part of the ambience of the outdoor space,” observed Funyak.

No space or project is too small or too large, from small and charming patios to million-dollar backyards on 20-acre properties. “You don’t have to be on a massive lot to get some of the outdoor living amenities you want,” he said, as projects are based on the landscape and the customer’s budget. “We never try to make someone do more than what they want to do,” he said.

Funyak Landscapes prides itself on offering an all-inclusive, managed care approach. Long after a project is finished, customers often retain the company to continue taking care of the landscape, from mowing grass to lawn care applications to mulching to adjusting landscape lighting and more. “That is a really good ongoing relationship that a lot of landscapers don’t offer,” said Funyak. And even if they did not design a customer’s landscape, they nevertheless have a large number of customers that trust the company to take care of their outdoor spaces.

Despite the company’s evolution over the decades, Funyak is proud of its humble beginnings and its stellar reputation. “Like anything, when you work hard from the ground up, you build your character and your culture. We’ve grown over the years, not for the sake of growth but so we can provide the highest quality product and service. And the way we’ve done that is through the unwavering values we have. We spend a lot of time, experience and money trying to figure out how to do the right thing for our customers,” he explained.

The company has spent almost three decades building up its entrusted customer relationships and cementing its values and reputation, and it has always been proud to be a family business. “We’ve always wanted something bigger than ourselves, always thought bigger than ourselves. We’ve treated it as a real business. We’ve created real careers for people, not just a dead-end opportunity,” said Funyak.

Funyak is proud that the second generation of landscapers—his and his brother’s children—are getting involved. “The next generation was never our end game. But the idea of seeing that this next generation actually wants to work with us and carry on our values is a blessing, and to have the skills and support of this younger generation is very exciting for our future.”

One of the joys of their industry is the hands-on nature of the job. “We’re creating spaces out of nothing. We go to a project with a blank slate, and weeks, months, or even a year later, we can see the before and after. In some other lines of work, you never really see what you’re contributing to; it’s not a tangible thing. But everyone we work with is leaving a stamp on the property. That has always been the most gratifying part of doing this,” he said.

In the coming year, in addition to working on more design, build and installation projects, Funyak said that the maintenance piece of the business is growing immensely, as they offer property care packages. “Even though we starting flinging mulch 30 years ago, we’re full circle back to offering this comprehensive custom care to people’s landscapes. Our forte is in maintaining property, and that is another area of growth for us. We continue to focus on how we can continue to care for people in our local neighborhoods, and their properties, in a way that satisfies them,” said Funyak.

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