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EYV Makes Eating Your Vegetables Delicious

Hummus Fritters and Bao Buns
Hummus Fritters and Bao Buns

EYV (or Eat Your Vegetables) Restaurant, located in Pittsburgh’s Deutschtown neighborhood, is encouraging people to enjoy eating their vegetables. The restaurant, which celebrated its one-year anniversary this past December,  features an array of vegetable forward dishes. EYV doesn’t claim to be a vegetarian or vegan restaurant. They incorporate meat and other animal products into some dishes, but those items aren’t the star of the plate. Many of their dishes can also be made without gluten or dairy products if the diner is gluten-free or vegan. I found this concept unique, because restaurants touting a vegetable-forward menu are typically fully vegetarian or vegan. While EYV’s menu will please these groups, it will make omnivores happy too.

I visited on the day of EYV’s one-year anniversary, and my dining partner and I were offered complimentary champagne when we sat down. This was just the beginning of the wonderful service we had. Both of our waiters were extremely attentive and willing to answer any questions. Every time our waiter dropped off a dish, he took the time to explain it. This took our dining experience to the next level.