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Bequeathing Property Not Just for Billionaires

This 84-acre natural area in Somerset County was donated to the Conservancy in 2017 and is open to the public for hiking, fishing and bird watching. Photo courtesy of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

At 644 acres, Frick Park claims the title of the largest park in the City of Pittsburgh. This lovely slice of nature was originally established by a bequest of 151 acres to the city from Henry Clay Frick at his death in 1919. A wealthy industrialist, art collector and philanthropist who helped build the world’s largest coke and steel operations, Frick experienced controversy at times due to his heavy-handed approach to dealing with laborers. Yet, in death, he left a legacy that provides another perspective. Through his bequest to the city, he enhanced life for residents from all walks of life.

Stop in on a sunny day and you’ll likely see birding enthusiasts on the lookout for the more than 100 species recorded in the park. Stroll by Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park, and you’ll find children learning more about nature